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There are many reasons for moving a Billiard, Pool or Snooker table.

You have just bought a billiard table second hand and you realise how heavy they are. How do I get it home? Maybe you are changing carpet, what do we do with the billiard table?

We will come and move the table out of the way, maybe to the garage or another room, then return and re-erect your table, level and service it. Moving house and the furniture removalists will not touch the billiard table. Call us for a quote and we will do it for you and service and level the table in its new location.

If you are getting renovations done and the builders, sensibly, don’t want to touch the billiard table. Same thing applies: we will come and move the table out of the way for them, store it safely and re-erect the table after the work is done.

Maybe you are just changing the layout of your house. Having a party and want to get the table out of harm’s way? Whatever the reason we can come and move your table with you not having to risk you or your friends health.

We have been moving billiard, pool and snooker tables for more than 30 years in and around Melbourne and Victoria. We have built a reputation for professionalism and reliability second to none.

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